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    Retirement Planning Services

    Kapusta Financial Group – Your Source for Retirement Planning Services in Pittsburgh.

    Planning for retirement becomes more challenging each day. And, for many, the concern is whether they will outlive their income. We know that retirement planning means more than accumulating wealth and making sound investment decisions – it also means putting together a comprehensive financial plan that meets your financial needs throughout your retirement years.

    We provide retirement planning services that involve in-depth analysis customized for each client – a review of income, resources and assets along with projected living expenses during retirement. In addition to formulating retirement strategies that provide liquidity to meet current needs, we’re dedicated to listening to you – the client. We provide you with sound financial advice and a plan to maximize your retirement years – giving you the peace of mind you deserve.

    Retirement Investment Advisors at Kapusta Financial Group are Here for You.

    Kapusta Financial Group has qualified retirement investment advisors in Pittsburgh with more than 40 years of combined experience, ready to accommodate your retirement needs.

    We believe in putting our clients first, which means we work with you – and listen to you – as we assist you in protecting what you’ve earned while planning for continued growth. Kapusta Financial Group’s retirement investment advisors are here for you – to meet your retirement needs.